“This morning I surfed with a pod of the most …

“This morning I surfed with a pod of the most graceful yet playful dolphins I’ve ever been around. Something felt different about them, so I paddled our alone further to say hi. They came over to me, checked me out, then a few of them started twirling, jumping and spinning in the air while I sat there and enjoyed it all. The water was crystal clear so I could see them super clearly when they went underneath. One came right next to me and rose just far enough above the water that I could see its eye. I couldn’t help but stare at it and smile like we knew each other or something. As I was paddling back to the line-up, all 20 of them decided to say goodbye and circled once around me, then jumped before swimming away. What a blessing and such a frigging great way to start the day” 🐬 🐬

Surfer🏄‍♀️~ @nai.frai sharing her dolphin experience
Pic📸~ @andy.hawes

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