Category: i feel awful

am i ever going to get over you?

– Malachi

it was so easy for you to let go of me.

– malachi

You told me not to worry about him…now i hear you’re dating him.

– malachi

You will never understand the endless nights i had crying over you. The nightmares, the constant reminders, i can’t deal with it anymore. I will never meet another girl like you. You were my number one supporter. You made me believe in myself. You made me feel like all things were possible. But, you moved on. You will never come back and that thought stabs me. There will never be an Us ever again. My 11:11 wishes always end up back to you. Maybe it was never our time. I miss you. I’ve never missed someone so much. You will always have my heart.

– Malachi

I know you stopped loving me but i remember i made a promise that i’d never stop loving you.


I made the mistake and i’ll live with the consequences.

– M

“You just want attention. You don’t want me..”

realization, silent-surfing

“Girl, you got me going crazy.”

literally, silent-surfing