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Hey! This is Sofia, and I’m glad to announce the Seakiddo’s Reblog Squad, where you can promote your uploads, your awards/faves/etc, to get clicks on your ads and many other things!


  • You must be following the admin Sofia (@seakiddo)
  • Reblog this post
  • Fill out the application – here

Perks Of Being Part Of This Group

  • Making friends from all over the world;
  • Get your uploads reblogged;
  • Get your publicity posts reblogged;

  • Get traffic on the sites you promote (in order you can get your money);
  • Follower gain ++;
  • daily ads clicks (if you have ads on your blog);
  • Safe rant/judge free environment;
  • theme/blog help;
  • Blog recognition;
  • Selfie/personal content reblogs;
  • Participations on your awards/faves/BOTMS/networks;
  • Q4Q’s or reblogs in specific posts
  • much much more!!! 


  • This banner was made by the amazing @loyalthysbanners
  • The space where we will talk and share stuff from the blog will be on facebook and so it is necessary that you have facebook account (sorry if you don’t have it)