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Message from the Surfer group of Surfing Polska

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San Diego, California 2019

San Diego, California 2019

Pacific Beach, California 2019

Sometimes life feels as if you’re suck in the white wash and you’re getting pounded by set after set after set… it feels like the best you can do is keep your head above water and just keep paddling…

It’s been a tough week here at SSG HQ with most of the time spent in hospital looking after my partner who’s been injured in an accident and the rest looking after two worried kids.
While my arms are just so tired from the constant paddling and at times it’s felt like I just couldn’t breathe as another wave came crashing on my head, I’m finally making it out the back and have a chance to rest.

There are moments when we all feel like this. You’re not alone in this struggle. Often though you do need to take your eyes of the wave in front of you to look around see the people who are paddling right beside you, the people who are there for you every step of the way. It’s those people who make these times manageable and just having them by your side gives you the strength to keep paddling. Find your people and let them paddle beside you.

Surfers🏄‍♀️~ @tiemaennchen and @laulea_moana
Pic📸~ @gustavomsas

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Huntington, late afternoon

Something we can all relate to!

The thing is, that none of us are perfect, and none of us are exactly the same… surfing is a great equaliser. It’s a place where we can shed our differences and come together with a shared love.
Unfortunately, the broader surf media doesn’t represent this diversity or the lived reality of most women’s surfing experiences. We aim to bridge this gap between reality and surf industry representations (which is just one of the reasons we don’t use pics of headless women or butt shows) by showcasing everyday surfers doing what they love.
This is what we’ve been doing for five years and over that time, we seem some positive changes in the way women surfers are represented but there’s still a long way to go!
We love it when you share your surf shots with us so that we can show the world what women’s surfing *really* looks like in all its iterations… sometimes it’s pretty, but often it’s more like this!

Surfer🏄‍♀️~ @noshoes_noworries
Pic📸~ @mxmsurfphoto

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San Onofre, California 2019

Hazy afternoon in MB

Independence Day rider

Hermosa Beach